Welcome to the official site of Buffalo Wings Flyball Team.

We are a Flyball club affiliated with NAFA (North American Flyball Association).

Our club is located in Western New York, however, we also have several members who reside in Ontario, Canada. The Buffalo Wings Flyball Team competes in tournaments throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States and Southern Ontario, Canada. Flyball not only gives our dogs a job, but also helps to foster a strong bond between dog and handler, which helps build discipline, trust and wonderful relationship. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Feel free to look around and explore everything Flyball, whether you're new to Flyball or you are an old pro, we are sure you will find lots to look at.

Our website is updated frequently with upcoming tournament information, video, pictures and other cool stuff related to Flyball, so feel to come back and visit often!

***There are MANY pictures on our website taken by Dave Strauss.  We would like to give him a HUGE thank you for allowing us to use them.

Buffalo Wings Multi 1 vs Multi 2

Buffalo Wings Multi 1 vs Multi 2